We provide professionally designed mobile-friendly website templates, which you can download for free. By doing so you are allowed to use it in your personal or commercial project (without any limits, use it as many times as you need). Of course, you can and actually should modify our web templates to fit your needs.

What you shouldn't do with our free website templates?

You are not allowed to sell or redistribute (even for free) our templates without prior consent - if you would like to do so, just let us know about it. Usually, we have no problem with that under one condition, you will have to leave a link to the appropriate page on our page, where users can download templates (you also shouldn't let users download our templates directly from your website).

How to credit us?

It's pretty simple, just leave a visible attribution link to our website somewhere on your page. By default, we put a link in the footer but feel free to move it somewhere else.

Got any questions?

Sure, don't be shy and simply ask us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!